Meet our team

Meet all the guys who make us who we are!

Will Mollett

Chief Branding Officer

Hi, my name is Will. I’m 19 years old and a Business Management undergraduate. I’ve worked in this industry for the better part of 7 years and am striving to give my workplaces the competitive edge.

Romeo Costa

Chief Design Officer

Hi! My name is Romeo Costa, I'm a french 3D Artist.
Working everyday to push my creativity to its best.
Now leading Horizon Studio, I will try to help everyone succeed and be respected by others.


Chief Design Officer

Hi! I am Cro. I am one of the CDO's at Horizon Studio. I have been designing since '12. I focus mainly on Art Direction for the Horizon Studio.


Mixed Media Designer

Hey, it's Aleks. I'm 19 and specialized in branding and creative retouch. I seriously started designing 3 years ago, I try to give my best every day to have a serene future that suits my ambitions. Sharing, exchanging and learning are the three principles that motivate me to create in this vast world of graphic design.



Hey, my name is 540 and I am an artist based on the Philippines. I mainly do illustrations and pixel-art.


Mixed Media Designer

Hi! My name is Matheus Henrique, I am a Brazilian artist in graphic designer.
I am self-taught with more than 3 years of experience. Nowadays I do college in the area and I am learning from day to day, knowing and making my ideas and ideas of people a reality.

Ludrick Fortune

Mixed Media Designer

Hi! My name is Ludrick Fortune, but I also go by Insidious Creates. I am a self-taught designer with over 7 years of experience. My overall goal is to continue to grow and continue to push my limits in the field of design. I want to eventually be able to dive into UI, 2D Design, Typography, Advertisements, and much more.


Motion Designer

SamJ started design in 2012 and has developed his aesthetic through illustration and motion design. He is graduating in December 2019 with a BFA in Graphic Design and will be moving to Amsterdam to start a freelance studio


Mixed Media Designer

Hey, i'm Julian
Self-taught designer and artist since 2016, focussing in abstract 2D work. I put a lot of thought and passion into my projects, constantly developing new styles and ideas to expand my versatility

Alex Wong

Mixed Media Designer

Graphic design student with 6 years of self taught experience. Twitch graphics specialist available to create static and animated stream assets.

Abel Sec

3D Designer

Hello, I'm Abel, I'm 16 and also a 3D Artist who loves to model everything I see in my free time. I've been grinding since I was 9, when modeling caught my eye.

Aaron Swift

Mixed Media Designer

Hi I'm Aaron Swift, an aspiring graphic designer who aims to create effective and unique designs for your branding needs. I hope to make this into my full-time job one day.

Kas Peters


Hey, my name is Kas, also known as ‘Zevr’. I am a self taught illustrator with over 6 years of experience. Specialized in apparel and social media design.



I'm Thomas, 22 years old, also known as Seiya.
I love making graphic design. Student in graphic design making illustrations and Social media design.
Working Hard for my dreams.


Mixed Media Designer

Hey, I go by 11 and I am a graphic designer that's known for working with bright and vibrant colors. I am 19 years old and I have been designing since 2015.


Motion Designer

Hey! Let me introduce myself; my name is Joeri van Orsouw, also known as varizonfx (or variz for short). I am a creative digital artist who started with graphic design but almost completely switched over to motion design. Next year I'll be going to university but I will keep doing what I love!